It was at this point I stumbled across Pilates and the benefits have far exceeded my expectations. Pilates has helped me develop an awareness and appreciation of my body's amazing capacity to change and heal.


Progressively working to correct imbalances, build strength, suppleness and sensitivity I have developed confidence in my ability to move, to positively affect my physical and mental wellbeing and to remain injury and pain free. I now feel more relaxed, more balanced, more comfortable in my own skin and more able to enjoy the demands of every day.


An evolving fascination for exploring movement and the mind-body connection has led to doing a 3 year Qigong teacher training, with a view to combining the best of East and West, of ancient wisdom and modern understanding.


As a teacher I love helping clients understand, respect and move their bodies more efficiently and functionally both in class and when they leave the studio,  working with them to develop their awareness, improve their posture, balance and body mechanics so as to minimise stress, reduce tension and enable them to live as fully and freely as possible.


Outside of teaching I enjoy spending time with my children, walking on the South Downs, swimming and training with my partner Sam (



Qualifications / Training through Body Control:


  • Body Control Pilates (BCP) Matwork Master Teacher

  • Level 3 BCP Teacher

  • Level 4 Movement and Adaptation


Other Movement Training:


  • CIAA Qigong Teacher Training

  • Postural Assessment and Corrective Exercise Instructor

  • TRX Trainer

  • HIP Pilates Teacher™

  • JEMS Art of Movement training



Having broken a number of bones including my right leg twice and following a handful of surgeries my already poor posture suffered.  By the age of 30 I had a limp, a noticeable scoliosis and a frozen shoulder.  I was stiff and in pain.

'Change happens through movement and movement heals.'

Joseph Pilates