All classes are suspended for the time being.

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Monday - Chichester Physio, Bosham Clinic


10.30 - Progressive Pilates


Suitable for those who have some Pilates experience and would like to continue to build on and refine this. Classical mat exercises and variations are combined with contemporary, functional exercises to challenge and assist your mind-body connection and develop your movement ability and efficiency.


11.45 - Private Group (75 mins)


5.00 - Balance and Ball


A fun class using the swiss ball to challenge and improve your balance, awareness, functional stability and mobility.


6.15  - Classical Mat (75 mins)


Wednesday - The WOW clinic, Westbourne


9.00 - FUNctional Pilates


This class brings together the precision and focus of a traditional Pilates session with dynamic functional exercises to provide a challenging, feel good session that will improve physical and mental agility, balance and co-ordination.


Mainly up off the mat it is suitable for those with Pilates experience who would like an additional functional challenge or those little or no Pilates experience who are active and injury free and would like to optimise their body mechanics and movement ability.


10.30 - Private Session


12.00 - Pilates Principles *New*


This small group matwork class is suitable for those with little or no Pilates experience, those returning to Pilates after a break or anyone who would like to refresh and refine their Pilates principles. We will explore and practice the principles of relaxation, awareness, alignment, breathing and centering in order to reduce tension in the body and mind and enable you to move and function with more ease, efficiency and enjoyment.


1.00 - Progressive Pilates


Thursday -  Hamblin Hall, Bosham


10.45 - Private Session


12.00 - Revitalise, Realign and Restore


This mind-body movement class combines standing exercises and postures, breath and awareness exercises and some matwork to improve your function, ease and efficiency of movement. This class incorporates exercises, tools and techniques to calm and balance the nervous system, reducing stress and tension in the body and mind. We will focus on improving posture, awareness and ease of movement, reinvigorating the internal organs and circulatory system and enhancing well-being through balance and integration of body and mind.



Please note all classes run in courses alongside the school terms, they are not drop in classes.

As with all forms of exercise it is advised you consult your doctor before starting if you have any concerns, participants take part at their own risk.











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