Body Intelligence Masterclasses


'The best use of theory is in better practice'


Designed to help you improve your awareness, body mechanics and movement experience, these 90 minute stand alone sessions are open to anyone who would like to deepen their understanding of how their body functions optimally and feel more confident practicing at home.


Healthy Hips, Happy Knees and Back  

Your hips literally move you through life but are problem area for many.  Stiff hips, weak hips, hips that “grip” and other such descriptions are commonplace and can be a cause of lower back and knee pain.  In this masterclass we look in more detail at the hip joint, what movements a healthy hip should be capable of, why you may be experiencing problems and how to improve this. You will be given techniques to apply in your daily life as well as exercises to practice at home in order to increase the health and function of your hips.


Find your Feet, Improve your Balance 

The feet are the foundation of the entire body and your grounding to the earth. We can build a strong and flexible body but if the feet are not strong, supple and ‘awake’ we are building upon a shaky and weak foundation.  Our feet significantly affect our proprioception and balance.  This fun and practical masterclass will give you simple, but effective tools and techniques to mobilise and strengthen your feet and ankles and exercises building on this foundation to improve your balance and gait.


Revitalising through Movement 

As we move and breathe, we are able to unlock the ability to cleanse, detox and drain our bodies of toxins and improve the flow of fluids and energy.  Joseph Pilates referred to this as the ‘internal shower’. This masterclass uses Pilates and Qigong exercises, breathing and lymphatic drainage techniques to provide you with tools and exercises to revitalise your energy, boost your immune system and improve internal organ health.


Connecting to your Centre

Being 'centered' is both physical and psychological. In this workshop we will look at exercises that release,  strengthen and condition your deep core stabilising muscles. We will explore how proper organisation and good breathing rather then abdominal contraction enables us to improve muscle tone and internal organ heath and move more efficiently and naturally.


Managing Stress through Movement 

Modern living is full of overstimulation and stress which unbalances the nervous system and leads to accumulative tension being held in the body structure and chemistry. This results in a congested and contracted system that communicates poorly with itself. In this masterclass we will look at how the nervous system functions and how to bring balance back using a combination of Qigong and matwork exercises and associated breathing and relaxation techniques.




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