The best use of theory is in better practice

Back to Basics and Beyond Workshop

Whether you’re a old hand looking to revise and refine; or are new to the mat and would like to consolidate your understanding and improve your movement patterns, this workshop has something for every body.  

We will take some of the best loved and commonly practised exercises and look at them in detail; breaking them down, building them up, and exploring variations and adaptations, to gain a deeper understanding of the choreography, bio-mechanics and functionality of each, enabling you to develop more effectiveness, efficiency and ease within the exercises.

Let me know on booking any exercises that spring to mind!

Date: Wednesday 5th April
Time: 9.30 – 11.30 am
Location: WOW clinic, Westbourne
Cost: £50

Body Intelligence Workshops

90-minute stand alone sessions open to anyone who would like to deepen their understanding of how their body functions and feel more confident practicing at home.

healthy hips, happy knees and back: our hips literally move us through life.  Stiff hips, weak hips, hips that “grip” and other such descriptions are commonplace, and can be a cause of lower back and knee pain.  In this workshop we look at the movements a healthy hip joint is capable of, why we may experience problems and how we can improve this. You will gain tools to help in daily life as well as exercises you can practice at home to improve the health and function of your hips.

breathe easy: our breathing affects our motor control and posture and plays an important role in our physiological and psychological regulation. Dysfunctional breathing has been linked with chronic back and neck pain, cardiovascular disease, anxiety and depression. In this workshop we will look at exercises that improve the function of your diaphragm, pelvic floor and abdominals, while mobilising your thoracic spine and ribs. 

find your feet, improve your balance: the feet are the foundation of the entire body and our grounding to the earth. We can build a strong and flexible body but if the feet are not strong, supple and ‘awake’ we are building upon a weak base.  This fun and practical masterclass will give you simple, yet effective exercises to mobilise and strengthen your feet and ankles, and build on this foundation to improve your balance and gait.

connected to your core: being centered is both physical and psychological. In this workshop we will look at exercises that release, tone and condition our deep core stabilising muscles, including psoas and the pelvic floor. We will explore how alignment and breathing, rather than muscular contraction, can improve abdominal tone and internal organ health, and enable us to move and function more naturally.

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